Faye and Cass Phang Duet – “Olive Tree”

Faye Wong (王菲) and Cass Phang (彭羚) singing “Olive Tree” (橄欖樹) in a 1994 TVB special. This is a rare and remarkable video not only because I’ve never seen it before but because it demonstrates so dramatically the radical departure that Faye represents in the Chinese music scene. No one, neither female nor male, comes even close to Faye in terms of style, talent, personality, longevity, and success. She is so different and unique that it’s nearly impossible to place her in the pantheon of Chinese singers. And in the three years that she’s been away from the action, no one has been able to fill the void that she’s left. This is probably why her fans in China and the rest of the world are anxious to have her return to her career.


(From a video added to YouTube by Muzikube on 13 Nov 2008)


2 Responses

  1. hi there,
    I am an Indonesian,
    but I have to totally agree with what you said about Faye Wong.
    her music is just so distinctively unique from all other chinese female artists/singers i’ve ever heard/known!
    her talent can’t be doubted anymore, as she writes & composes all of her songs.
    I know, because I’m a musician/composer myself,
    and I really, really respect & admire her,
    and regards her as my “inspiring idol” too!

  2. Niki, yes, Faye is a one off. Her combination of voice, creativity, talent, intelligence, spirituality, and beauty is unmatched — anywhere, any time. A person can be a star singer, model, actress, composer — any one of these — and that would ensure his/her place in history, but no one except Faye can do all of it at the highest level. To be so gifted and talented as well as beautiful is extraordinary. And that’s Faye.

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