Even Entertainers Go Gaga Over Faye

I downloaded a 6-part video over a year ago from YouTube that featured TV personalities and performers who tried to imitate Faye Wong (王菲). Based on the setting, which displays a poster for Faye’s No Faye, No Live! album, I’m guessing this program aired in November or December 2004. Faye serves as a judge for the “contestants” in this humorous, tongue-in-cheek show. I combined short clips from the fourth and fifth segments to demonstrate how fans aren’t the only ones who go nuts when they meet Faye. In this composite video, we see that even her fellow entertainers go gaga when they’re in Faye’s presence.


You know that Faye is really very special when entertainment professionals, too, turn into crazy fans when they meet her up close. They all become excited and want to touch and hug her. And when they do, they have a look of pure ecstacy on their faces and can’t let go. At these times, Faye is a very good sport and accommodates their antics and infatuation with a sense of humor.

The visual and audio in the original flash files were out of sync so this version is, too. I searched the web for better quality videos but came up empty.


5 Responses

  1. Here is another version of the video where the visual and audio are in sync. =)


  2. Thanks, Zach! I’m downloading it now from the Youku site and will use it to replace the one that’s up now. Makes a difference to see it in sync. When it’s even slightly out of sync, it just feels weird. Thanks again!

    Added later: Zach, I just checked out the video, and it doesn’t have the clips that are in the one that we have. Thanks.

  3. You are welcome. I think it DOES have the clips you are looking for. It is a full video of the show. The part about those “contestants” smelling Faye’s red string can be found around the 28:00 mark and the part about the award presentation can be found near the end. =)

  4. Zach, I’ll check it out again. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Wow she’s sooooo cute – you can’t blame them for hugging Faye. I once got to hug Gong Li – She was filming Memoirs of a Geisha in the U.S.
    I love Faye’s hair on that show. She’s really something special.

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