Survey: Been to a Live Faye Concert?

Click here to participate in this survey about attending a live Faye Wong (王菲) concert. This survey is for everyone — not just for those who’ve been lucky enough to have seen Faye perform live at one or more of her concerts. I’ll post the results as I receive them. Please use the comments feature for this article to post ideas that weren’t addressed in the survey or to expand on your statements in the survey. Thanks!


1. Have you ever attended a live Faye Wong concert?
YES: 10//
NO: ///

2. If yes, how many Faye concerts have you attended?
1: ///
2-3: 5
4-5: ////
0: ///

3. Please list the concerts you attended, with the locations and dates if you remember them. (Write “NA” if you didn’t attend any.)
*2: 2004-06-02 singapore concert
*3: faye wong concert location-singapore year-1998-99?
*4: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1998? Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2004?
*5: 1) Singapore 2) Hong Kong twice 3) Kuala Lumpur
*6: Singapore – 1989? Singapore – 2004 2 shows
*7: Concert In Kuala Lumpur 2004
*8: 1) Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 1999 & 2004, 2 shows; 2) Singapore 2004; 3) Taiwan 2004
*10: Hong Kong 1998/1999 Concert Series – 30th & 31st Dec (I am featured on the VCD/DVD intro since it was filmed on NYE! you see me handing a teddy bear to Faye) Sydney 2000 – it was some time in Sept during my uni “study” break… needless to say, there was not much studying. I’m from Perth so I secretly flew over to Sydney and went to the concert with a friend.
*11: 1999 – Singapore 2004 – Singapore
*12: June 2004 Singapore concert 13th & 14th Feb 1999 Singapore concerts 1999 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia concerts
*14: singapore feb 14th 1999/2000 I WOULD FLY TO ANYWHERE NOW FOR HER CONCERT!!! ( im currently in US)

4. Which Faye concert was your favorite? Why? (Write “NA” if you didn’t attend any.)
*2: 2004 singapore concert, because first time watching a concert.
*3: loved all of them
*5: Hong Kong
*6: All – very mesmirising
*7: Concert in Kuala Lumpur 2004, since that was the only concert I attended.
*8: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2004
*10: I suppose it has to be the 31st Dec 1998 concert in HK. I saw the 30th Dec concert with my mum, in the 5th row, but it really wasn’t that much fun being with mum who’s not a fan. But on the 31st, I went with another fayenatic and we went nuts. We knew what the concert format was and knew when Faye would walk around the edge of the stage, so we took a punt at racing down there to shake her hand, it wasn’t the “official” shaking hands time of the concert because it was right at the start of the night, so we completely surprised the security guard and he couldn’t stop us! It was freaking awesome, a dream come true!! You’ll see me in the intro segment of the VCD/DVD, and you might get a glimpse of my friend and I giving Faye the teddy bear and kookaburra (the aussie laughing bird).
*11: Both
*12: Faye 1999 Singapore concerts
*14: i think the best (from dvds) is still her first one. her voice is crystal clear, she has the fresh artist feel and her liberal indie-ness is still burning! i wish i was there, dammit!

5. If Faye held a live concert in a major Asian city in 2009, would you attend?
Definitely yes: 5////
Yes: ///
Not sure: ///
Definitely not:

2 Responses

  1. Faye’s concerts in singapore and malaysia were in 1999, not 1989 or 1998.

  2. 1- no attendance
    2- none

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