#10 at Faye’s ’98 HK Concert!

In our most recent survey, “Been to a Live Faye Concert?,” participant #10 (update Dec 8: #10 is Deb!) provided the following responses (see below) to questions 3 and 4. In the 12-second video clip, extracted from the “Opening” of the Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99 video, we see her giving a teddy bear to Faye Wong (王菲)! The guard is on the left in the photo — too late to stop her. What a moment! Captured forever, with Faye, in what has to be one of Faye’s greatest concert videos, held on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day 1998-99.

3. Please list the concerts you attended, with the locations and dates if you remember them.
*10: Hong Kong 1998/1999 Concert Series – 30th & 31st Dec (I am featured on the VCD/DVD intro since it was filmed on NYE! you see me handing a teddy bear to Faye) Sydney 2000 – it was some time in Sept during my uni “study” break… needless to say, there was not much studying. I’m from Perth so I secretly flew over to Sydney and went to the concert with a friend.

4. Which Faye concert was your favorite? Why?
*10: I suppose it has to be the 31st Dec 1998 concert in HK. I saw the 30th Dec concert with my mum, in the 5th row, but it really wasn’t that much fun being with mum who’s not a fan. But on the 31st, I went with another fayenatic and we went nuts. We knew what the concert format was and knew when Faye would walk around the edge of the stage, so we took a punt at racing down there to shake her hand, it wasn’t the “official” shaking hands time of the concert because it was right at the start of the night, so we completely surprised the security guard and he couldn’t stop us! It was freaking awesome, a dream come true!! You’ll see me in the intro segment of the VCD/DVD, and you might get a glimpse of my friend and I giving Faye the teddy bear and kookaburra (the aussie laughing bird).


Click here to see the survey — view the results and, if you wish, participate in the survey. I will update the results as I receive the reports.


3 Responses

  1. Teehee! That’s me!! I couldn’t believe it when my VCD arrived in the mail and watched it – there I was in the Opening!

  2. Deb, I was awaiting confirmation that you were #10! I was 99.99% sure, but I wanted to be 100% certain. LOL! I’m going to add a note to the post! I wish it were me in that video with Faye — at that concert! She’s looking right at you — and so are the thousands at the concert and the millions who have seen and will see the video. Your friend must’ve wished that she, too, could have been clearly captured in the clip. Did you say that you’re also in a different part of the video — in an audience scene?

  3. it was during the song “Bored” which I think was the 3rd song of the night, so if you go to that song, when Faye walks around the perimeter of the stage (it is actually a travellator that moves around during her “Dream Person” and “Dream Walk” songs). But from memory, the editting of “Bored” doesn’t give a clear view of us shaking hands with Faye but you see her take our teddies back to centre stage and puts them down.

    I was completely shocked when I saw myself on the DVD, could not believe my luck and would have to be my biggest claim to fame!

    To be honest, I was so excited and had so much adrenalin at the time that it was all a big blur! So the video helps me remember what actually happened! I remember more about the moments leading to it, my friend and I looking at each other saying “oh my god, she’s coming over, should we go? will we get into trouble? should we wait?!?!” In a split second my legs decided to make a run for it and I think I actually left my friend up in our aisle seats (very convenient) and she had to catch up to me! The security guard was still sitting down in the aisle on the bottom step just enjoying the show and I actually leapt over him to get to the fencing – he was more surprised to see me than Faye!

    it really was a moment of sheer spontaneity! I’m very happy that I didn’t let that opportunity pass me by!

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