Faye at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards

In this video, Faye Wong (王菲) accepts the award for Best Female Artist at Taiwan’s 15th Annual Golden Melody Award, 8 May 2004. This video is especially significant because it captures Faye uttering the now famous line in her brief acceptance speech: “I can sing songs. This I know. Now that the Golden Melody judges have given me their approval, I approve of their approval.”

Faye was up against Singapore’s Tanya Chua (蔡健雅), Taiwan’s Jolin Tsai (蔡依林), and Malaysia’s Fish Leong (梁静茹) and Penny Tai (戴佩妮). For a sense of the regard that the entertainment establishment has for Faye, note the portion in which the nominees are interviewed prior to the awards. The interviewer remains standing when she interviews the different stars. However, when she gets to Faye, she sits in the aisle so that she’s at Faye’s level and not standing over her. Also, Faye is alone, among the nominees, and she’s in the first row while the others are grouped in the second row.

This deference underscores Faye’s stature in the business. She is special. Without equal.

About her words, I believe they can be interpreted in different ways. One is that she’s insolent and disrespectful. But I don’t buy this interpretation. I believe Faye is simply stating a fact: a singer’s success isn’t manufactured by awarding bodies. Instead, they’re earned by the singers and their supporting artists through hard work, creativity, skill, and inspiration. From her perspective, the awarding groups are audacious in their attempts to pass judgment over performers. And this is the attitude that Faye is speaking against. Thus, in a very real sense, she’s telling all the other artists not to accept the judgment of the Golden Melody Award voters that they’re less than winners. And in doing so, she’s also saying that the award doesn’t make her superior to others.

The key to Faye’s personality is that she’s genuinely egalitarian and sees all people as fellow human beings.

(Source: YouTube, Reonsu, 8 Dec 2008)


7 Responses

  1. Ya…I think she mean the more positive way, cos she is smiling too. If it is an arrogant statement, doubt she will be so happy. Faye is so real. I love her. Muack muack. Hehe.

  2. ahhh… who are these other girls?? not to be bias, but… p-leeease, how do they even remotely compare to Faye?!?!? I have actually heard of the other girls, but they aren’t even in the same stratosphere as Faye. Kinda weird, lots of emtpy seats, Eason Chan and the guy who claps (dunno his name) looks really bored.

    Could someone translate what Faye said, my mandarin is worse than poor!

    Remembering all the award shows especially in the 90’s, Faye has NEVER enjoyed them and never placed much importance in the results. I think this sentiment is generally shared by many credible/talented artists. Good actors usually say they’d rather win the Actor’s Guild award than an Globe, because it is voted by your peers, so its a recognition of your skill, effort and inspiration and not a popularity contest. Asian music awards are much more contrived than the western equivalents, its purely based on popularity and much of the results are determined by which “star” gives more “face” to whoever is running the award show.

    There used to be a phrase in the HK pop scene where artists were either in the “Idol group” or the “Talent group”. Basically Idols are just manufactured singers with a pretty face but little talent, Talent group were singers who actually had talent and their sales didn’t rely on them being a pretty face. I used to be a die-hard cantopop fan back in the 90’s, but eventually I realised that so many of them are a bunch of fakes. After this many years, I have found that only Faye gives me a true sense of inspiration, talent and admiration for her as an artist and a person. I must admit that Faye had a profound affect on me as a young woman, she was a role model to me and I learnt to not worry about what others thought of me, as long as I tried my best and did what I love, that’s all that matters.

  3. Really miss her acting and singing…

  4. well, tanya chua is a very fine musician and composer. she clearly thought that faye would win when she said 我門互相安慰…

    i think what faye said in her acceptance speech shows her honesty, indifference and great sense of humour. she KNOWS she can sing, so it doesn’t matter to her whether she got the award or not – that’s why she just had a laugh and accepted it with wit.

    and, gosh, she looked STUNNING.

  5. It’s great to find this website, can’t find anything about her at all anywhere.

    Anyway, the guy is jay chou haha, you should probably know that name.

  6. Miss her voice alot…….. Plz come back to us.

  7. I miss her, too, William, and I think most Fayenatics hope that this is the year she’ll return. My best guess, though, is that she won’t return just for the sake of nostalgia, to recapture past fame, or to earn money. If we look at her career from a historical perspective, we can see that. even as a teenager, Faye has always been motivated by a creative urge. She’s always been pushing the envelope in every performance, in every album. She’s never been satisfied with the status quo. This makes her unique among stars who tend to latch on to a successful formula and stick with it forever. And I think this is why we, her fans, are so totally devoted to her. She is, first and foremost, an artist. Not just a performer. Not just a pretty face. Not just a FOTM. Not just a star. She’ll return when she sees a musical challenge or a musical trend that she finds exciting. She’s repeatedly made it clear that her musical decisions are based on what she feels is right for her, what she enjoys, and that she hopes her fans will enjoy them, too. Most hardcore Fayenatics have loved all her work, especially the ones that have been very experimental. When she does return, it’ll be with an all-new album that experiments with new concepts, but it will also include a few ballads that will appeal to her more traditional fan base.

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