Faye Feasting on Crab Legs

Here’s a great bunch of photos from Zhang Jun’s Sohu blog, posted 0n 23 Dec 2008. They were apparently taken in Japan and shows Faye Wong (王菲) feasting on giant crab legs. I’d guess that they were shot in 1999. (Correction: shot in 2001. Thanks, Liliana and Lidia! 23 Dec 2008.)

Photo below added later based on a clue in Lidia’s comment:



3 Responses

  1. From Faye’s haircut it must have been 2001, when she was shooting Usokoi…

  2. i think it wasn’t shot in 1999 because her hairstyle was the same with the one when Faye published album “王菲” in 2001 or she played the Japan drama “弄假成真” also in 2001. If i remember clearly enough, the jacket Faye wears is pink. What a pity, i can’t find the colorful picture from my computer.

  3. Liliana and Lidia, thanks for the correction!

    Lidia, I remember that jacket, too. Yes, it was pink with white details. I’ll check through my photo files to see if I can’t find a copy.

    Added later: Found it! Will add to the post.

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