Wubing: Faye’s Autograph?

autograph01Wubing, on January 18th, 2009 at 7:43 am said:

. . . By the way Feifan, I just updated my blog with Faye Wong’s autograph, i was wondering should we discuss about her autograph? Sometime I feel she is like writing the word ” FEI ” in chinese, sometime look like “WANG FEI”, yet sometime look like english Faye. What u think?


REPLY Jan. 18: Great idea, Wubing! I’ve always wondered the same thing. I see “Wang Fei” in the Chinese 王菲, but I also see “Faye” in English. I can definitely see the “F,’ “a,” and “y,” and the final letter looks like an “s” but I can see how it could be an “e” in an aesthetic autograph. I love her autograph!


5 Responses

  1. Yup2, i love her autograph too. I think is so nice.

  2. It always looked to me like she was doing the “Fei” character.

  3. Delirium-Zer0, I think you nailed that one — looking at the autograph and “菲” I can see the similarity, too! Good eyes.

  4. Hmm.. I think otherwise, 3| stands for “王” and ||E stands for “菲” !! : D

  5. Aha! That makes sense. I can see it clearly — now that you’ve pointed it out.

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