Faye Playing Volleyball

Here’s a clip of  Faye Wong (王菲) playing volleyball. It was extracted from a video that’s been making the rounds in the media the last few days. I’ve seen a longer version of this event in a different video. I’ll search YouTube for it and post when I find it.

I’m not sure about the date. I’d guess 2003 or 2004, but I may be way off. If you know the date, please share it with us.

What I like about videos of Faye playing ball games such as volleyball, basketball, and baseball is the genuine enthusiasm and joy that she has for athletic contests. She gets into it. In a bio, I read that, as a child, playing games with the neighborhood children was an activity that she enjoyed very much, and as an adult, she recalls with some sadness that her mother was very strict in limiting the amount of time she could spend playing with the other kids.

She also has a natural athleticism and quickness that would have made her a formidable player if she had pursued sports instead of a career in entertainment. I’ve read that even now she enjoys playing pingpong with her friends as well as sit-down games such as mahjong.

In a lot of her behind-the-scenes videos, we see her playing all sorts of games and enjoying them very much. I think this playfulness has a lot to do with Faye’s character and why so many are drawn to her. It also explains why she moves so gracefully. She’s good to look at, active, enjoys life, and is fun to hang out with.

We’ve seen Faye in fashion spreads, concerts, films, award ceremonies, media appearances, etc., and she’s China’s leading fashion icon, but I think this video captures the “real” Faye, the Faye that her close friends and family are familiar with. At play in comfortable clothes and no makeup, she is completely herself. Natural, awesome, and beautiful.


3 Responses

  1. Wow, if she really hadn’t played in about ten years, she must have been very good back then. You can tell, by her serves and digs, that she knows the game.

  2. Yeah, if she played everyday in a league, you can imagine how quickly her skills would kick back in. She’d be awesome. Her reflexes and her movement on the court are natural and quick, and as you say, it’s obvious she knows the game. This is what makes Faye so special. She is gifted in so many different ways.

  3. Another observation: Faye is clearly right-handed.

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