Faye and Vicki on Feb 10 – More

feb10_2009_01feb10_2009_02feb10_2009_03feb10_2009_04feb10_2009_05feb10_2009_06(Sources: Dayoo, CCTV, Nanfangdaily,Baidu)

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2 Responses

  1. I couldn’t really follow the vid cos I don’t speak mandarin, but I could vaguely make out the reporter saying “Heavenly Queen Faye” (just an expression used in Cantopop to describe the really famous singers, equivalent is “Heavenly King”). What is really amazing is that Faye hasn’t had an album for 4 years now but somehow the media is still obssessed with her (just like us fans!). Not many celebs could manage that in showbiz, “it” girls come and go, only legends are remembered.

  2. Yeah, Faye’s a legend in every sense of the word! Her attraction hasn’t decreased an iota in the last 4 years! If anything, the longer she stays away, the stronger the attraction. She’s a phenomenon. Everything she did was original, and the quality of every performance and appearance, however small or brief, is unforgettable. Despite the long layoff, she is still the top story in the media. The fact that her past achievements are so substantial that they can sustain interest and demand all these years is a tribute to her brilliance and star power. I couldn’t have said it any better: “‘It’ girls come and go, only legends are remembered.”

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