Faye Wong’s ‘Anaesthesia’ MV

This Faye Wong (王菲) “Anaesthesia” (Faye Wong 1997) MV, uploaded to YouTube by Joannema119 on 22 Feb. 2009, has to be one of the most visually stunning I’ve ever seen. I’ve never seen this video before today. Nearly every frame is a photographic masterpiece. The crew that put this together understood Faye’s beauty and took the camera in close, zooming in and revealing the individual features that make Faye’s face the most beautiful in the world. The camera doesn’t lie, and in this video we begin to understand why it’s hard to get a bad shot of Faye, why her fans can’t get enough of her, why her images are relentlessly pursued and splashed all over the media. Every feature, every angle is a work of art.



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