Wubing: Faye Wong’s Handprint

Wubing on 7 Dec 2008 said:

Hi Feifan,

Today i was shopping around City Hall and I came across this Faye Wong hand print memobrilla on display along a building and i thought it is cool to share on your blog too – so here the pics – go check it out – [go to Wubing’s blog]


* * * * * * * * ** *

Reply 6 March 2009: Wubing, thanks for sharing your fascinating Faye Wong handprint photos. My apologies for taking so long to post it. I was planning to but just forgot. Today, while following up on your email re the “Love Commandments” remix, I rediscovered this message. I hope you won’t mind my taking the liberty to enlarge the handprint portion. Faye has beautiful, ferminine hands with very long fingers.

4 Responses

  1. No mention Feifan, we help one another. I also wish to help you make your blog, the one-stop for all Faye’s stuffs and news.

  2. Thanks, Wubing. Faye Wong Today wouldn’t be possible without you and Deb and other fayenatics who have contributed information, media, and opinions: Delirium-Zer0, Kim, Lily (Leelee2046), Raymond Chua, cfensi, Patricia, William, Grady, Dan, Hui, aznfayeth, Adam, Lisa, mysticaldodo, Mark-san, Photosophize, froggie, peppar, L, Liang, Paul, Mark, Takao, Tammy, Bowen, Lidia, Liliana Morais, Leki, Chun, Allie, John Duong, Ana, ushiroyubi, Podger, kellyz, gizmo, masahira, incognito, jeffrey827, Boon Wah, Catmal, y.A.S.d., marc chen, Angelus, Lonely Teacher, Lawrence Wong, Fayever, cantopopulist, cccwhy, Taka, Megan, shaun, Everett, Pinc, yoyo, mirrormirror, JT, Sharron, Eva.Angellus, ahwe!, LU, Testament, Colin. My apologies if I inadvertently failed to mention others. April 27 (next month) will mark the first anniversary of Faye Wong Today, and I’m planning a special post to commemorate the occasion. Thanks again!

  3. Looking forward to it.

  4. I’m usually pretty quiet as far as commenting here, but I do want you to know that I have been coming to this blog for almost the entire year it’s been around. It’s the best way to keep caught up with Faye on the whole internet, that I’ve found. :) You do a fabulous job here, and any Fayenatic who’s able to help is happy to. :)

    In case I don’t comment again before then, Happy Anniversary :) Definitely looking forward to your commemorative post.

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