Kim: Desperately Looking for Other Rare Songs

Kim, on March 16th, 2009 said:

Hi fans of Faye,

Like a lot of you, I am constantly in search of Faye’s old and rare songs.

I understand that some of the following songs have already been uploaded on this site (marked with // before the track numbers) but I am still desperately looking for the rest. Please kindly share with all of us if you have any of them.

[March 22: See Dan’s uploads, below, for all three of these out-of-print albums!]

Miss Charm
01. 心墙 Core
02. 潇洒的走 – 潇洒 The Walk
//03. 月光下的恋情 Affair Under the Moonlight
04. 十三妹 Shisan Mei (13 Younger Sisters)
05. 最后的表白 Final Statement
/06. 除了你 In Addition to You
07. 下次相逢 Reunions Next [aka Will Meet by Chance Next Time]
08. 请你别说 Please Let Alone
09. 多梦的童年 Childhood Dream of Many
10. 你在我身旁 You Next to Me
//11. 请你猜一猜 You Guess
12. 我们俩 The Two of Us
13. 想让你知道 Want You to Know
14. 女孩 Girls

[From Dan 22 March 2009: click here]

Where Comes the Wind
//01. 風從哪裡來 Where Comes the Wind
02. 四個心願 Four Desires
03. 甜蜜蜜 Sweet Is Dense
04. 小小的秘密 Small Small Privacy
05. 年紀輕輕 A Young Age
06. 唱歌的人 Sings Person
07. 最高峰 High Point
08. 望著天空的女孩 The Girl Is Looking the Sky

01. 你怎麼說 How Did You Say
02. 說說笑笑 Has a Friendly Chat
03. 月光小夜曲 Moonlight Serenade
04. 你照亮我的心 You Illuminate My Heart
05. 漫步人生路 Roams the Person Way Out
06. 故鄉從不拒絕我 The Hometown Has Never Refused Me
//07. 又見炊煙 Sees the Smoke from Kitchen Chimneys Again

[From Dan 22 March 2009: click here]

[Here’s 漫步人生路 Roams the Person Way Out, the missing track:]

Enchanting Kaler
//01 Moonlight Serenade 月光小夜曲
02 You Illuminate My Heart 你照亮我心
03 Harmonica Story 口琴的故事
//04 Postman (English, The Carpenters’ “Please Mr. Postman”) 邮递员
//05 Top of the World (English, The Carpenters) 世界之顶
06 The Hometown Has Never Refused Me 故乡从不拒绝我
07 Young Age 年纪轻轻
//08 Destiny (Japanese) 命运
09 Forget Him (Guangdong) 忘记他(粤)
10 Often Worry About Past Events 往事常牵挂
11 Rose Garden 玫瑰花园
12 Enchanting Kaler (English) 迷人的卡勒
13 Today’s Happiness, Tomorrow’s Dream 今天的欢乐明天的梦

[From Dan 22 March 2009: click here and here]


To encourage sharing, here are some of Faye’s songs that I would like to share with my fellow Faye fans. Please share your rare songs generously as well!!!

Separate Ways

Separate Ways (128 Beat Mix)

一人分飾兩角 [One Person, Two Roles]

心驚膽戰 [Fear]

不得了 [Serious]

知己知彼 (Europe Mix) [Knowing Oneself and Others]
Di-Dar (Historical Mix)
誓言 (Discovery Mix) [Pledge]
夢遊 (Universal Mix) [Sleepwalk]

Loving Kindness and Wisdom (Disc 2)


16 Responses

  1. You call yourself the supporter by supporting piracy? SHAME on you.

  2. I hope this is it not out of line.

    But I use to enjoy a track, where Faye sings Tracy Huang’s Talking Flowers at some concert (???). I can’t seem to find it anymore. Does it qualify as a rare song?

  3. Cedric Ang, on March 16th, 2009 said: You call yourself the supporter by supporting piracy? SHAME on you.

    Cedric, I’m concerned, too, about the sharing of complete albums, especially of CDs that are still readily available. I wonder what others think. Should we have a “policy”? If yes, what should it be?

  4. These albums are out of print already, i don’t think it is anything wrong to share if you have it. And also this fan is looking for faye’s teenage albums, they are not available now anymore, i don’t think by downloading them is supporting piracy.

  5. Just to clarify.

    I have bought every single Faye Wong album that is available out there so I AM a supporter regardless of what you say.

    What Dan said is true. Many of the albums are not on sale anymore. I would buy them if they were. I don’t care if you believe that or not.

    In this day and age when piracy is so rampant, can you Cedric tell me that you have not EVER downloaded anything in your entire life? Come down your moral high-horse and walk on the ground like the rest of us.

    Lastly, the moderator (perhaps the biggest Faye fan) allowed this post and if I have incurred your shame then the shame has been cast on the moderator too, someone who has put in so much hard work (unlike you) on this site.

  6. Sorry Dan. I don’t think the links work… Or am I missing something. ..

  7. Hey, the links to the Dan’s uploads dun seem to be working?

    Anyway, I cant find the album Toy too. any idea if there is a way to find it or the songs?

  8. Thanks Dan!!! These new links work!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. oh no… why these links dont work for me…

  10. raint, when you get to the download page, click on the page icon that’s directly above “comments” — on the left of the page.

  11. I am really grateful for these kind sharings!! Thanks again~

  12. thanks DAN!!!

  13. Hi,
    I’m also a big fan of Faye’s. I was browsing through the net and stumbled upon this page. I agree throughly with the author of this page about sharing Faye’s albums, which most… if not all are out of print already. I found a website that have the most complete listing of her albums for free download. Thought would like to share with like minded people.

    This is by no means condoning piracy. I would have bought the original CD if I can still find it. Besides, her newest album was more than 5 years ago, it would not affect her album sales…


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