Wubing: Faye May Be in a Shampoo Commercial!

Wubing, on March 25th, 2009 said:

Jus read the news that Faye Wong was asked by a Shampoo co to be their spokeperson, and is willing to offer Faye SG$4.4million [$20 million yuan = ca. $3 million USD] to shoot the advertisement. Was also mentioned in the paper that Faye’s manager didn’t deny when asked about it, and some of Faye’s friends mentioned that she already shot it, and the ad will show next month. Man, is it going to happen ? Was also told on the paper that as this year marks Faye’s 20th year in the showbiz, rumours is that she is trying to come back this year. Hope it is true.



4 Responses

  1. Wubing, thanks for this post! I’ve seen this story, too, spread throughout the media, and I’m hoping it’s true, too. Some of the reports say that Faye will be making far more than superstars such as Jackie Chan, Gong Li, and Zhang Ziyi. But that’s as it should be. Every one of Faye’s commercials becomes a work of art, a collectible. When or if she does appear in a commercial, I have a feeling it’ll be her first step back!

  2. And it is a good step too I feel. Did you see her second version of H&S ad before ? When she was in the bath tub ? That is so nice too.

  3. Yes, I’ve seen the photo (and video, too?) of her in a bathtub! Thanks for reminding me. Now I’ll have to hunt them down!

  4. Check out the eladies site for a fabulous photo montage series of Faye in various commercials:


    The spread is over two pages so be sure to view both. Faye’s a sponsor’s dream!

    And here’s an even better site for montages of Faye’s commercials:
    They have photos of the bathtub commercial!

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