Faye in Hong Kong March 25 – Video

(Source: The Sun [HK]; ent.163)


2 Responses

  1. haha Faye looked disgusted when she saw the camera…

    like… “awww… daaaaammit”


  2. It must be so strange to be a celeb, and I suppose its even more strange that us fans like/want/need to see these clips of their idol. Could you imagine going shopping and then have people following you taking pictures/videos? Besides thinking “why do you want to watch me shop?”, its also creepy! A bit like “stranger danger” that you learn at school, if you’re being followed then you should cross the street or go into a crowded area! ahahaha

    To be honest, I am only interested in seeing clips like this so I can see what Faye is wearing as she is my style advisor! ahahaha, if only I could look as cool in flannel!

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