Faye’s Shampoo Commercial . . .

OK, it’s been about ten days now since Wubing broke the news about rumors that Faye Wong will be starring in a new shampoo commercial. Since then, my face has been glued tightly to the Chinese news media, waiting for any hard evidence that this is true.

The media has been repeating, in thousands of news articles daily, the same old rumors and conjectures that, not surprisingly, are sometimes contradictory: Faye is being paid $20 million yuan, more than Jackie Chan for the same product; Faye and Katie Chen, her manager, are in Thailand right now, working on the video commercial or finalizing it; she’s with a team of topnotch hair and makeup artists, some of whom she’s worked with before; the video’s already finished; Faye’s doing the commercial to repay heavy losses incurred via poor investments by Li Yapeng — and not as a first step back to her career; the commercial is a first step back to her career, and it will be followed by an album, which she’s already begun working on, and a film to come, based on the earthquake last year; etc. etc.

The video below captures some of these wishful reports via old clips.

But — and that’s a huge but — conspicuous by its absence is hard evidence to verify the rumors. We haven’t seen a single photo or video of her in Thailand or at the airport, leaving or arriving. We haven’t had a single confirmed statement from a trustworthy source that the commercial and other rumors are true. It’s almost as though the constant repetition of the same rumors in thousands of articles over and over again will somehow make it all the more believable.

I’m not saying that the rumors aren’t true. In fact, I have my fingers and toes crossed that they are true, that the commercial will be shown in April and it will be followed later this year or early next by the release of a new album, and that a film will be released a year or so after that. I wish, with all my heart, that this is all true.

But without solid evidence, this is all pie in the sky.


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