Dan’s Best of Faye Wong

Dan, on April 10th, 2009 said:

1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi (开到荼靡) [Last Blossom], first track of 1999 Only Love Stranger album, like the music arrangement, the distorted feel.

2. Album: 1998 Chang You (唱游), faye uses different voice to sing each song, I don’t think any asia female artiste can do that.

fw4093. Concert: 1998 hong kong scenic tour concert, like everything, faye’s voice, the song list, the music arrangement of each song, the stage, the stage light, the clothes she wore, the makeup. [Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar for links to HK 1998 concert videos.]

4. Film: (Movie) 1994 Chungking Express, she act herself in the movie, acting is natural, not overdone. [See Raint’s list for CKE video.]

5. MV: TVB version of Seasonal Wind (季候风), this MV is different from a typical faye’s MV, this is a rare one where there is someone who act as faye’s boyfriend in the MV.

6. Photo: The photo on 1998 Chang You album cover.

7. Dress (or outfit): The all black outfit faye wore at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1994.

8. TV Performance: 1993 Eternity, Qian Sui Qing Ren, faye so beautiful in all white outfit in the drama serial. [See Raint’s list for Eternity video.]

9. TV Interview: Like every interview of faye with Taiwan host Taozi. Interesting and funny.

10. Faye Quote: More Music, Less Gossip(多点音乐,少点是非), She said it at Hong Kong J.S.G Best 10 Awards Presentation 1998.


6 Responses

  1. Yeah, I love everything about Chang You — especially Faye Wong’s look. And the cover is absolutely stunning! Great choices, Dan. I like the whole list. “Last Blossom” is sooo different. I like her performance of this song in the 2003 HK concert video. Hot!

  2. Hi feifan, the Seasonal Wind MV you uploaded is not the TVB version, i uploaded it.


  3. Thanks for the correction and upload, Dan. The TVB version is a LOT better! I’ve never seen this version. The video and sound quality are very good. And you’re right, we seldom see MVs where we see Faye hanging out with a boyfriend.

  4. Hi Dan,

    “Chang You” is one of myfayevourite Album on EMI.

    LOVE FAYE, Support FAYE :D

  5. hey ,the Website you had make look cool.
    i am hong kong.Also a big fans of faye.

    i wanna be a friend with you

    msn: ching091@hotmail.com

  6. Hi, Kathy. Thanks for the kind words! We’re all huge Faye fans here so you’ve come to the right place! With Faye in common, we can’t help but be great friends. We’ll be looking forward to more of your comments!

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