Raint’s Best of Faye Wong

raint on April 9th, 2009 said:

hey, congrats on turning 1! i like this webbie alot cos its really comprehensive and fun~

anyway, these are my response, if i can only write one for each …

screenhunter_02-apr-10-07191. Song: 哪兒 [Where, from Restless], i’m forever amazed by her extraordinary capability to control her voice (volume, beat and so on) according to a song’s feel. other than technicalities, this language-less song has helped comfort me through stressful and distressful times for over a decade. the magical effect of this song on me is so far unparallelled.

2. Album: 浮躁 [Restless]. very soulful, very real. simple feelings expressed with much needed clarity. maybe it is the way she found to expressed those feelings that makes it so clear. also, i can always feel the screenhunter_03-apr-10-0721fizz of a summer in all the songs in that album.

3. Concert: Scenic tour 1998. I have a feeling i would like the Budokan’s concert of the 1998 series the most, because I felt her voice was exceptionally pristine, and she performing exceptionally well. but i’ve onli seen 4 songs clips from tt Bodukan concert, so I cant really say. overall, her 1998 concerts are my favourite! [Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar for links to HK 1998 concert videos.]

4. Film (Movie): Chungking express. i always like wong kar wai’s movies and with faye in his movie is simply more than i could ever ask for. innocent and angelic faye wong is cute and adorable and pure. like character like life.

5. MV: 無常 [Sporadic from Restless]. so carefree!

6. Photo: 自便’s [Help Yourself] album cover picture. she has put so much of herself to her loved one, and she has hurt. so the picture taken (or rather published) at that time makes me feel so much for her.


7. Dress (or outfit): this is one qn that I cant really say for sure. because, all her clothes feel like her skin and I seldom admire her clothes without being distracted by her performance or her actions.

8. TV Performance: 千岁情人 [Eternity]! whou… the beginning of my love affair with her. Or did i start liking her before? haha.. i cant really rem.

9. TV Interview: telling jokes to Little S and Hei Ren on TV. how she laughs so hard is darn cute.

10. Faye Quote: i’m sorry I dun have a favourite faye wong quote~


2 Responses

  1. Raint, thanks! I really like your list! A lot of the choices you’ve made, I wouldn’t have included in mine. But after seeing/hearing them, I’m beginning to reconsider. Let me know if any of the videos aren’t the ones that you’re referring to.

  2. wow, you’ve found all the clips and pics real fast! yepz, they are all what i have in mind, thanks!

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