Raymond Chua’s Best of Faye Wong

Raymond Chua on April 14th, 2009 said:

ingratiate_oneself1. Song: Tao Hao Zi ji [Ingratiate Oneself] (Dec 1994 canton album release)

Till today the songs never feel like a 15 years old songs. Still refreshing. and it sounds futuristics. Looks like faye music is well ahead of others for 10 years.

無常 [Sporadic – see Raint’s list]
This songs as well so simple. The music match with her voice so so well and also the Mv match with the songs, lyrics and music….Does the songs feel like 13 years old song. No it never…..

The look of love [HK 2003 concert] and Thank you for hearing me [2001 Budokan concert]
Both of this version are exremely good till get a lot of western and europe fans. This really opens the eyes of the westerner to Asia. Trust me listen it and tell me how does it really feel.

2. Album: 10000 why
Many will be suprise but that albums have almost all her hit. Though it is not herself but at the end every single songs has its own unique. Although it is not purely her work but hey that albums did contains alternative style as well.


3. Concert: 1998 HK Concert [see #7 below]
No doubt, i label this as a comeback concert. She sings so many english songs on her.

4. Film (Movie): Chung King Express [See Raint’s list]
Her best acting roles so far. Match her style and she is like acting her own character. No mistakes on that acting and it was th first film that makes it recognized and earn a lot in America Box office. Look for the history than you will know.

5. MV: You happy so i am happy.
The shirt color patern shows illusion to our eyes. Really nice…..

An Yong MV is also nice sames goes to To Love….faye beutiful side…..after so long she show the world she still have the DIVA Look on that MV

6. Photo: Chang You album cover [See Dan’s list]
The album cover is so futuristic and makes faye look most beautiful. I think the Fable album too….the commercial picture is so so nice. The best of Faye but the albums picture are just a 70’styles look which look unique but not perfect

7. Dress (or outfit): 1998 concert outfit

8. TV Performance:千岁情人 [Eternity – see Dan’s list]
Though acting skill is so so but the beauty of her that time were uncompareable. showing modern Chinese look although story about dynasty

9. TV Interview:
On album promo for to love album. She looks friendly in almost every interview. Showing her fun side and talk more

[Click here for the 4-part interview with Dodo.]

10. Faye Quote:
Reporter: Are you singing again.
Faye: Yes I will be back singing…my album will release next month
did she ever say that before….i am still waiting.if yes, this will be the best quote to evry single fans of her and this website will become busy again…hahah


2 Responses

  1. Raymond, this is a fabulous list! Thanks for sharing. I like your Faye quote a lot! LOL! Those are the exact words I’m waiting to hear. I hear them in my dreams all the time! LOL!

  2. Well, can you imagine we able to hear this quote every single year. What else quote that we really wish to hear from her. Thats the only quote i think will make us have so many sleepless night till the album really release and no delay. Even if any single songs out, we will be extremely happy like no tomorow already

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