y.A.S.d.’s Best of Faye Wong

y.A.S.d., on April 16th, 2009 said:

My List of All-Time Fayvorites
1. Song: Kai Dao Tu Mi (The Last Blossom), because this is the song that has drawn me in for many many years and I still love it. I like to see Faye perform this everytime! The distorted filters and guitar+violins, very nice!

2. Album: Yu Yan (Fable), because of the first 5 compositions that Faye composed. These songs are telling a story and really fit eachother with a very alternative feeling to it. Furthermore Goodbye firefly is one of my favourite songs as well!
The Cambrian Era

New Tenant



Flower of Paradise

fable_album13. Concert: Scenic Tour (maybe Taipei), very very good setlists and renditions of the songs, the music is filled with a more rock arrangement and you can hear that it is very live. The costumes are beautiful too and the stage design, especially the Taipei looks very great, with a perfect tracklist. Faye’s voice was also very emotional in this time. Love it! [See Raymond Chua’s list item #7.]
4. Film (Movie): Chungking Express because Faye has such a big and great role which she acted natural in! [See Raint’s list]
5. MV: Goodbye firefly, it is very mysterious, Faye looks pretty in it and has a lot of after effects in it.

6. Photo: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/416XQFAQNNL._SL500_AA240_.jpg because she looks so alternative.

7. Dress (or outfit): The one she wore in Taipei scenic tour during Kai Dao Tu Mi. With the bra showing!

8. TV Performance: 千岁情人, because she is leading role and beautiful. And also because of the theme song which is sang by Faye. [Eternity – see Dan’s list]
9. TV Interview: The Dodo interview, she was beautiful there and gave very interesting and intelligent answers. (See Raymond Chua’s list]
10. Faye Quote: ‘So if someone is beautiful you should start dating?’ Because I also think dating someone because of the looks is ridiculous.

And YAY, celebrating the first anniversary! congrats…

y.A.S.d. (Kei Long)


3 Responses

  1. y.A.S.d., thank you for the kind words. Hey, this is a fabulous list! I was wondering when Yu Yan was going to be selected by somebody. Like Fu Zao, it’s one of the most original on this planet!

  2. do you know chinese?

  3. He, this site is really a good easy-to-use database for Faye-news and other fun faye related stuff. Yu Yan’s first 5 compositions are Faye’s best work in my opinion. If the 5 songs were to be released on an EP it will beat Fu Zao in artistic work for me. The 5 songs are really experimental and great. And kathy, no I do not really know chinese but I can speak cantonese a bit.

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