Delirium-Zer0’s Best of Faye Wong

Delirium-Zer0, on April 19th, 2009 said:

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!!! I hope it’s not too late to contribute something.

1. Song
“Cui Mian” (Hypnotize) from Only Love Strangers. It was one of my first Faye songs, and I have ALOT of happy memories attached to it (appropriate, given the theme of the song).

2. Album
“Chang You” (Scenic Tour). Such a great blend of music styles, and the whole album feels polished from start to finish. I don’t skip a single song on it – I remember the day my copy arrived at my door. I was SO excited. I adore this album. [See Dan’s list.]


3. Concert
HK Scenic Tour 98-99. The setlist is PERFECT, her vocals were top-notch, the arrangements were either perfectly accurate or greatly improved, and the costumes are iconic!! [Scroll to the bottom of the left sidebar for links to HK 1998 concert videos.]

4. Film (Movie)
I’m gonna be different here & say Chinese Odyssey 2002. This movie is HILARIOUS, and she is just all kinds of adorable in it. And she manages to be beautiful even when dressing like a boy! How many people can do that?

5. MV
“Si Yue Xue” (April Snow)…. there’s something just inexplicably awesome about this video. It goes with the song so well, better than most Faye PVs, and the effects are cool. This is one that I watch all the time, I couldn’t pinpoint what it is exactly that draws me in, but I love it.

6. Photo
This photo from Bene-Bene magazine just encapsulates everything about Faye that I love and respect – her mystery, her charm, her carriage, the way she draws you in but never reveals everything. She commands respect in a unique way, and I think this photo brings that out.

7. Dress (or outfit)
This is going to sound silly but I love the sparkly Police Girl J-Phone outfit. XD Maybe it’s too hard to choose between her more haute couture styles, or maybe I just like sparkly things, or maybe that series of commercials was hilarious. Either way, this outfit makes me smile.

8. TV Performance
I unfortunately have always had a hard time following Faye’s TV performances, so I can’t say I have a concise enough list to give you a definitive favorite. But the first TV live I ever saw – one of “Hypnotize”, but I can’t remember the show – is what comes to mind. I haven’t seen it in years, and I can’t track down the file, but that performance is still very vivid in my memory. I remember her being the tiniest bit flat during part of the second chorus, and her seeming more human & charming because of it.

9. TV Interview
As an english-speaker, I have to go with the CNN interview from 1998 or 1999. I got to see a Faye Wong interview where she was dubbed by a translator – I got to follow the interview the whole way through! It was so great to see Faye talking on an english language program. I remember being a total fangirl watching it.

[Click here for the full, 4-part video.]

10. Faye Quote
“I’m okay if you say that my singing’s no good, but I can’t have you saying my Mahjong skill is bad!”
I forget where it’s from, and it’s probably not the EXACT right translation. I saw it on a fansite YEARS ago and I just thought it was funny. :)


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  1. Delirium-Zer0, thanks! No, not late at all. I was surprised to find that we didn’t have a single video of the CNN interview! I also like the J-Phone commercials. I only wish the video quality were better. Hypnotize is hypnotizing.

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