Peppar’s Best of Faye Wong

peppar, on April 20th, 2009 said:

1. Song: New Tenant 新房客 (Album: Fable 寓言)
Love the mix of electronica with orchestrated rock, poetic lyrics from Lin Xi and of course… The amazing vocal.

2. Album: Scenic Tour 唱遊
I love every single song in this album! [See Dan’s list.]

3. Concert: 1998 HK Scenic Tour
Brilliant music arrangement, make-up, costumes and one of my favourite – the unplugged version of “Awake from Dream”.

4. Film: (Movie): Chung King Express
A role meant for her, so natural. [See Raint’s list]

5. MV: Wake Up 醒不來 (Album: Chang You 唱遊)
The visual matches the mood of this song so well!

6. Photo: The Fable 寓言 album cover picture
Not too fancyful, a touch of mystery. [See y.A.S.d.’s list]

7. Dress (or outfit): The bare-back dress
Duet with Na Ying “同桌的你” in 1997

8. TV Performance: 千岁情人
That was when she walked into my life! Love the theme song too! [Eternity – see Dan’s list]

9. TV Interview: E-news with Tao Zi
She is probably the only host whom Faye can chat and joke with very comfortably.

10. Faye Quote: “I’m just a normal human being.”
Being famous bothers her, she said during an interview (not sure when was it).

Happy 1st Anniversary!! Thank you very much for maintaining this blog!


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  1. Thanks, Peppar!

    Fable, especially “New Tenant,” is so original, so creative, so beautiful, so Faye! I can’t imagine anyone ever being able to cover this song. (I could say the same for any song that Faye sings!)

    This song is symbolic of nearly everything that Faye has done in albums, films, fashion, concert performances, MVs, TV appearances — it will never grow old or out of date. It will always remain cutting edge, fresh, new, and mesmerizing.

    The bare-back dress — we get these glimpses of Faye’s body, and they’re enough to tell us how exquisitely beautiful Faye is. When the parts that make up Faye are so mind-blowing, the whole is out of this world. I think this is what makes Faye so exceedingly rare — down to the smallest details, she is absolutely beautiful and beyond compare.

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