Faye’s 1992 MV – Miss You Night and Day

Here’s an original MV of Faye Wong (王菲) singing “Miss You Night and Day” from Coming Home, released in August 1992. It was added to YouTube by lzwyuse today, 22 April 2009. This was Faye’s breakaway album, and the songs that we hear about most are “Fragile Woman” and “Kisses in the Wind.” Other great songs in this album are “Romantic Storm” and “Blind Date.” This was still very early in her career, but we can already see the beauty, style, and amazing talent that separates Faye from all other entertainers.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I’m trying very hard to collect every Faye Wong video, and this was one I was missing. What a treat! ^_^

  2. You’re welcome, Delirium-Zer0. After stumbling onto this MV, I’ve been hunting for other “official” Coming Home videos. I’ll post them as I find them. The archives of Faye’s work is vast, and the quality is just amazing.

  3. She is so beautiful in this one ! This hairstyle is really good on her – I love this kinda “Fuzhao” length hairstyle on Faye. Very cool.

  4. I agree, Wubing. Faye’s hair just flows with her graceful movements. Definitely cool! Considering how fantastic this early MV is, it’s even more amazing that the ones that follow are even better. Everything she does is a class act, from her early days until her last performances. And it only gets better with every new performance. This is why no one’s surprised that her fans are just as loyal today as they were when she left the entertainment scene over four years ago. Faye has set a standard that no one can come close to, and the only person who can bring that standard of excellence back is Faye herself.

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