‘Still Waiting Again’ 1990

Click here for the updated version 5.19.12.

“Still Waiting Again,” from Faye’s December 1990 album, You’re the Only One, is a cover of Diana Ross’s “I’m Still Waiting” (1971). I love Faye’s R&B songs, and this is one of my favorites.


3 Responses

  1. I love the hat very early 90s. She should have gone with those giant door knockers instead of the dangly ones, they go they go with the hat

  2. You’re right, Ryoko. I hadn’t thought of door knockers until you mentioned them, but now that you have, I can see that they really would’ve made a difference. In comparison, these long dangly ones just don’t do it. They might go better with a different style, like a slinky dress, but with the cap and shirt, huge door knockers would’ve been better.

    The cool thing about Faye is that this was very early in her career — she was 21 and this was just her 3rd album — yet the video producers intuitively understood that the camera needed to focus on Faye herself instead of a token narrative. I don’t think many singers could pull off an entire MV that focuses primarily on their face. With Faye, the focus is natural. Mesmerizing!

  3. I have been watching her videos on youtube and then i found this site. Thank you so much for posting of all of the work that you could find. And yes, Faye’s face is so perfect and alluring, it has not changed in 2009, I’m an american male in California and Faye is the one singer i really love to hear.

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