Faye’s Beijing Concert 1998

Here’s a Faye Wong video from her 1998 Beijing concert that I’d never seen until now. It’s from a Tudou upload. This was shot by a fan from a seat far from the stage. The shooting is amateurish, but the resolution in the zoom-ins is excellent. Faye’s singing her Cranberries’ cover, “Dreams,” on a slowly revolving stage. At one point, the camera captures Dou Wei on drums, with Faye in the background. What I like about this video is the way it captures the excitement of Faye’s concerts from the fan’s perspective. It makes you feel as if you’re right there in the middle of the concert hall. Even if we spend agonizing moments viewing frames of the ceiling or frames that are out of focus, it doesn’t matter because we can empathize with the fan’s excitement and appreciate the fact that we, too, would probably be fumbling in the same situation. The main thing is that someone took the trouble to upload and share this fabulous moment in Faye’s career. She looks hot!

Added a few hours later, “Reminiscence” and “One Person, Two Roles”:

Click here for “Rhetoric,” a rare song that doesn’t appear in the Hong Kong concert.


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