Are These Samples of Faye’s New Shampoo Ads?

These may be early samples of the Faye Wong (王菲) shampoo ads that could be running in print and on TV in mid-May.

Update May 7: Sina (5.8.09) reports that, according to a telephone interview with a staff member [unnamed] of the King International Group, sponsor of the commercial, the group did recently launch an ad series for their “Wind” products, and the spokesperson for this series is Faye Wong. The staff also said that this product has not been formally introduced to the market and that the plans are still in a state of secrecy. The print and television ads (and the products) will be formally launched later this month, and a news conference will be held in Guangzhou. As for whether Faye will appear in the conference, the staff said that hasn’t been formally decided. Re Faye’s endorsement fees, the staff was tight-lipped.

shampoo_ad01 shampoo_ad02(Source Baidu 6 May 2009)


6 Responses

  1. seems very common.lack the feeling that belongs to faye only,sure,that’s my private ideas~~~

  2. Jesse, I had the same feeling, too, when I first saw these ads. Faye looks great, but the overall design of the ad is very ordinary, boring almost. You’d expect something more creative, exciting, dynamic — a visual treat that’s more in keeping with Faye’s style. Makes you wonder if this ad is a hoax or just a preliminary mock-up. Or it could be that the print ads are handled by a mediocre agency and, hopefully, the TV ads will be (have been?) created by Faye’s own production company and will be closer to what we’ve come to expect from Faye. I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out.

  3. So is it confirmed that she’s in this commercials? That’s means a lot for her coming back

  4. Good question, Chun. As far as I’m concerned, the answer is no, there hasn’t been solid confirmation that she is or will be in these commercials. Still, the fact that there has been no official denial of her involvement serves as a kind of confirmation. I’m inclined to believe the rumors and that print and TV ads will be out later this month. You’re right. If the ads begin to air, it’s a strong indication that Faye may be back.

  5. I also feel the ad look a bit normal, not really Faye’s style. But….as long as there are any exposure for her, I will be so happy. By the way Feifan, I am going to send you an email regarding Chungking Express….

  6. Wubing, yeah, I agree. This is good exposure for Faye, and it gives us a chance to see more of her. I’ll be looking for the email. Thanks.

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