Gunter: Video – Faye’s Heart Sutra May 8

Gunter on 11 May 2009 said:
Faye Wong Sings the Heart Sutra 王菲 演唱 心經

(Comment: Video submitted to Faye Wong Today by Gunter. Originally added to YouTube by etcmail2047 on 11 May 2009. The song begins at the 02:15 mark. The first part of the video covers Faye and LYP at Chengdu on May 10. See the video below for a clip of the performance only.)

[Added by Feifan:] Thank you, Gunter! Wubing and I were praying that a video of Faye performing “Heart Sutra” at Famen Temple would be available. You’ve answered our prayers! The audio below was ripped from the video. The sound quality isn’t the greatest, but Faye’s voice is absolutely beautiful. Live and nearly acapella, Faye sounds just as good as she ever did. She not only looks like an angel, but she sounds like one, too!

This clip of Faye performing “Heart Sutra” was extracted from the video above:

Update 5.12.09: See related articles Faye Wong to Sing ‘Heart Sutra’ on May 9 and Faye Performs at Famen Temple on May 8.

Updarte 5.24.09: Video added to YouTube by etcmail2047 on 5.24.09:


Video: Faye in Chengdu May 10

(Source Chinanews 11 May 2009)

(Source ent.163 11 May 2009)

Added 13 May 2009: Faye (王菲) and LYP (李亚鹏) accompany their “adopted daughter,” Zhu Chun-yan (朱春燕), from the hospital to her hometown school, Beichuan Middle School (李荣荣).

(Source Sohu 13 May 2009)