Faye’s Face on Gong Li’s Body

Here’s a fascinating composite of Faye Wong’s (王菲) face on Gong Li’s (巩俐) body. The face, apparently, is from the photo in the upcoming shampoo ad. The photo magic was done by Cui Ultra graphics (崔俊超制图). Very interesting, but I think the vast majority of fayenatics would prefer Faye’s face on Faye’s body!

In the TV commercial, which will air on the 20th, Faye will be dressed in the golden robe of a queen, which will be similar to the one Gong Li wore in”Curse of the Golden Flower.” Faye shot the commercial in Thailand last month, and in her entourage were stylists William Chang, Zing, and Elaine Wong.

faye_gongli4(Source Nanfang Dushi Bao and Southcn 5.14.09)