‘No Regrets (MBM)’ and ‘Restless’ – 1996 TV Promo

In this video, we have Faye Wong (王菲) singing “No Regrets (Marchig Band Mix)” from Mystery (Apr 1994) in a TV appearance to promote Restless, her landmark album released in June 1996. She also performs the title track, “Restless.” I really like Faye’s look in this video — natural and cool. This video was added to YouTube by utomaya on 16 May 2009.


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  1. Hi! I’m back! And in Vancouver now!

    Looking back at her singing Restless when it was released, you could just imagine the manufactured Canto-pop crowd being completely confused by Faye singing jibberish and not appreciating her creativeness… most importantly they thought “how would I ever sing this at karaoke?!?!?”

  2. Hey, Deb! Glad to see you’re settled in Vancouver and back to Fayeing!

    LOL! That’s a funny image — someone karaoking “Restless.” The only way I can see that happening is the way Faye does it — through dance. You almost have to be moving, naturally, the way Faye does in her MVs and concert performances. That’s the genius of Faye — creating music that involves not just her mind or heart but her entire body, her entire being.

    Good to have you back! When you have time, be sure to tell us how you’re doing (in your new home) in an extended piece. If you have any photos, include them too. We’ll post it as an article.

  3. I have to confess that when I was in high school and uni, I tried to copy faye’s style the best I could! I still remember my Restless phase, I had that bob hair cut, dyed my tips red and had a pair of black jeans, t-shirt and that pair of Nike’s you see in her MV.

    So I’ve been a bit lost the last few years without much Faye to copy! ahahaha I dig her new bangs, but I can not do bangs, they drive me crazy!

  4. Hey, you have a photo of “Restless Deb” — “I had that bob hair cut, dyed my tips red and had a pair of black jeans, t-shirt and that pair of Nike’s”?

  5. haha, Restless Deb was pre-digital camera days (in my world at least), so a photo of me would be buried somewhere in negatives maybe.

    I also attempted the pink & red crop hair until all that bleaching became a health hazard, stiff ponytail (ala “Give Up Halfway” MV), but I had to draw the line at the “Shoe on Head” look… =)

    Its OK, I’m just an obssessed fan, not a stalker!

  6. LOL! Hardcopy snapshots are a bummer!

    Faye’s stiff ponytails are so cool. I always wondered how she kept them frozen in place.

    And I always wondered why the shoe-on-head look never caught on. ;)

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