Photos of Faye in Queen’s Gold

A glimpse of Faye Wong (王菲) in the golden dress of a queen! I’m assuming these are stills from the TV ad that’s on the way. Click here for more photos.

may2109_01may2109_02(Source Sohu 21 May 2009)

Click here for more photos.


2 Responses

  1. the first picture….really something wrong with either the camera or the camera man……… doubt faye will definetely look total beautiful in those outfit but the outcome really upset me. The only thing to be happy now is to see faye appearance in entertaiment field again. The rest nothing to shout about.

    Second picture, well the picture shows the top of the clothes looks fine on faye….and what i can think off now is Lin Chin Xia(Briddgette Lin).Faye face color tones look different from forehead to nose then from nose to chin looks different color. Is that on purpose or the image got problem….Anyway thanks for the updates.

  2. Raymond, I felt the same disappointment when I saw these. It’s like impossible to take a bad photo of Faye — yet the photographer’s somehow able to pull it off. Whoever’s directing the photography ought to be fired.

    In the additional photos (click to browse them), too, the compositions are extremely poor, catching Faye at odd moments when she’s not even posing.

    In the second photo, I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was wrong until you described the different tones. The lighting is terrible. And her hair isn’t coming off very well. Where’s her stylist?

    I’m guessing that these are probably rough takes that are used for planning the actual script. The actual video and photos will probably be far better.

    At least, I hope so.

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