What Do You Think of Faye’s TV Ads?

Now that we’ve had a glimpse of Faye Wong’s (王菲) TV ads, what do you think? On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being excellent), how would you rate them individually? As a group? Click here to view the ads — they’re in the first of the two videos.

TV Ad #1
TV Ad #2

TV Ad #3

TV Ad #4

7 Responses

  1. 1-8/10, 2-7/10, 3-9/10, 4-10/10, overall 8/10

    I like all of them, especially the last one. Photo tvad01a reminds me of the airline commercial ad she did many years ago, rare to see her with that playful look.

  2. Dan, thanks for pointing out her playfulness. In a way, that is the real Faye. People who know her say she’s fun to hang out with because she’s playful. We see this in a lot of the videos that are taken behind the scenes during concerts, films, and MV productions. We see a lot of this in CKE. We see her potential for comedy in Chinese Odyssey 2002. The Good Friends Concert in 1998 with Jeff Chang and Na Ying, too, is a good example of her playfulness.

  3. I think she looks absolutely fantastic. Youthful, beautiful, elegant. Anyone else think she hasn’t aged a day since the J-Phone ads?? It’s incredible! The woman’s beauty is eternal.

  4. Read from Yahoo News – These advertisements of Faye Wong will be broadcast on China’s major TV channels in June. Recently a rundown of Taiwan’s 20th Golden Melody Awards was leaked and Wong was one of the names seen under the list of guest presenters. The Queen’s return to screen will definitely be a boost for the TV ratings for the 20th anniversary show, if she turns up.

  5. Delirium-Zer0, I agree with you. Faye just doesn’t age!

    Wubing, yeah, I read they’ll be postponed until the end of June. Bummer. But if it means a better commercial, then the wait will be worth it. I’m hoping that the delay is being used to add fantastic audio — maybe of Faye’s music, old or new. I read about the possibility of her appearing on the GMAs as a presenter and hope this rumor is true. She always blows everybody away when she makes an appearance.

  6. at first i onli have liking for the last ad in which she sports a spiky short hairstyle (so inspiring tt i wanted to snip my hair pronto!) but i now like each and every one of it. simply cos i cant help it.

    and omg, pls update on ur blog in triple bold if she is really scheduled to appear on the awards show again!!


  7. Raint, will do! Apparently she’s going to be the guest of honor at the June 27 show at the Taipei Arena. The theme will be “LOVE.” The Avenue of Stars segment is scheduled for 5:00pm with the actual ceremony starting at 6:30pm. It’ll be broadcast live via satellite TV. I have my fingers crossed that Faye’s appearance is not just a rumor.

    Of course, all fayenatics are also hoping that Faye will actually sing! Apparently a special song has been written for the show, and the icing on the cake will be Faye performing it. It’ll more than likely be a group sing — still, if Faye does participate, she’ll probably play a leading part.

    The weird thing is that Faye, if she does participate and whether or not she sings, will be the brightest star there, outshining all the winners and performers. Whatever the ratings of the show without Faye, they’ll double if Faye’s on!

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