Faye Wong Is Back

shampoo01(Source Guangzhou Daily, CCTV 5,27.09; CRI, Sina 6.8.09)


5 Responses

  1. Heehee feifan teasing the fans with a nice pic leh. :-)

  2. Sis, I just found out this website mention our names – haha – so weird to find our name around the world.


  3. nice pic, what do you mean with faye wong is back?

  4. Wubing — I checked out the site. It’s weird. The owner changed some of the words so the article doesn’t make sense.

    y.A.S.d. — I just meant that she’s resuming at least one part of her career — modeling and serving as a spokesperson for a product. But the primary meaning is that Faye is just as beautiful as ever.

  5. Ya, I feel weird about his site too. I found it while looking for Faye pics to share with my colleagues.

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