Priceless Faye Treasures from yk042

In late-May 2009, yk042 added to YouTube some priceless and rare Faye Wong (王菲) videos and songs. “Exhale” is a song I’ve never heard so it’s  new for me. In the video, which is audio only, it’s followed by “Clearly My Heart,” a duet with Jacky Cheung. The year is 1992, and the performance is live. This is the year when Faye’s album, Coming Home, made her a star.

faye_1992(Photo from a 1997 award show — Faye won gold for world’s best female singer)

Previous videos of Faye performing “I Only Care About You” at Teresa Teng’s 1995 memorial have been poor. It was a shame because I think this is the only recording of Faye singing this song. It’s a heart-wrenching performance. One of my all-time favorites. Thus, when I found this version on YouTube with good quality video and audio, I was blown away.

yk042 uploaded other videos that I’ll be adding to this post in the next few days.

“Exhale” (梦醒时分) 1992

Tudou version of “Exhale” — better quality

“Clearly My Heart” (明明白白我的心) duet with Jacky Cheung 1992

“I Only Care About You” 1995 Teresa Teng Memorial — excellent quality video and audio!

“I Only Care About You” — audio ripped from the video above.