Priceless Faye Treasures from yk042

In late-May 2009, yk042 added to YouTube some priceless and rare Faye Wong (王菲) videos and songs. “Exhale” is a song I’ve never heard so it’s  new for me. In the video, which is audio only, it’s followed by “Clearly My Heart,” a duet with Jacky Cheung. The year is 1992, and the performance is live. This is the year when Faye’s album, Coming Home, made her a star.

faye_1992(Photo from a 1997 award show — Faye won gold for world’s best female singer)

Previous videos of Faye performing “I Only Care About You” at Teresa Teng’s 1995 memorial have been poor. It was a shame because I think this is the only recording of Faye singing this song. It’s a heart-wrenching performance. One of my all-time favorites. Thus, when I found this version on YouTube with good quality video and audio, I was blown away.

yk042 uploaded other videos that I’ll be adding to this post in the next few days.

“Exhale” (梦醒时分) 1992

Tudou version of “Exhale” — better quality

“Clearly My Heart” (明明白白我的心) duet with Jacky Cheung 1992

“I Only Care About You” 1995 Teresa Teng Memorial — excellent quality video and audio!

“I Only Care About You” — audio ripped from the video above.


8 Responses

  1. Hi there! What’s the youtube link for 明明白白我的心? I love Jacky! Thanks for putting this up.

  2. Hi, Elsie. Here’s the video:

    This is an audio-only video, and the duet with Jacky kicks in at about 2:54. This was early in Faye’s career (1992), and we hear Jacky at the end acknowledging her, in Cantonese, as Wong Ching Man (王靖雯). I consider Jacky the best male Chinese singer ever. And he and Faye made a fantastic duet!

  3. as a superfan of faye, jacky and definitely johnathan lee, this entry u have here today simply lifted me to cloud ninety nine! grateful u bothered to share cos its precious me and, i guess, to all fans.

  4. Hi, Raint. Thanks for the kind words. I, too, am always so grateful to the thousands of fayenatics the world over who take the time to post and share videos, audio clips, photos, etc. We can’t get enough of Faye, and we always want better versions of what we have. LOL!

    When Jacky sings “I’m Willing,” I get goosebumps. I think he’s one of only a handful who can sing Faye’s songs with the same kind of feeling. Like Faye, his voice is natural and flows straight from the heart.

  5. Hi friends, there’s a lot rare videos of Faye in Tudou. Just go there and check =)

  6. Thanks for the tip, Yan Kiat! And thank you very much for uploading the videos to YouTube! They are fabulous!

    I agree, Tudou is terrific. I’ve found some great videos there. The problem for me, though, is that the downloads from Tudou seem to take forever. In comparison, YouTube downloads are lightning quick. So by uploading the Tudou videos to YouTube, you’re doing me — and probably many others, too — a very big favor.

    I’m glad I have the opportunity to thank you personally.

  7. You’re most welcomed. =D
    Alright, I shall download and upload other videos after some time when I’m free.
    Faye forever. =)

  8. Yan Kiat, thanks! Faye forever!

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