Faye and Dou Wei 14 Feb 1997

Here’s a fascinating upload to YouTube by texasdaveodell on Valentine’s Day 2008. The video was shot on Valentine’s Day 1997, in the Nianhua Club in Beijing, when Faye Wong  (王菲) and Dou Wei (竇唯) were still together. Here’s texasdaveodell’s description of the action: “Camera goes to Dou Wei playing bass, Gao Yang on drums, then Dave with Peter Liang, then Wang Fei with Su Yang in striped jacked. This was shot one carefree night at Nianhua in 1997, towards the end you see Cobra’s lead singer Xiao Nan alongside the lead from Catcher in the rye. This was an amazing place where the greats of underground Chinese music would meet and hang out without the crazy crowds.”

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