yk042 – Faye Wong and Chang Fei

In the first video, we have Faye Wong (王菲) with host Chang Fei (张菲) in a live 1994 TV performance in Taiwan. In this rare video, we see Faye dancing to “Flow Not Fly” (from Hundred Thousand Whys, Sep 1993). In the second, we have the two again reuniting ten years later, at the 2004 Golden Melody Awards in Taiwan. Both videos were added to YouTube by yk042 on 5 June 2009.

I think most of us are familiar with the second video, but the quality of this version is exceptional.

Thanks, yk042!


4 Responses

  1. You’re most welcome.
    Thanks for the effort to enrich this website’s content!
    Faye rocks! =)

  2. yk042, I like your choices because they’re always interesting. There seems to be a reason for your selections. The videos are either very rare or of better quality than any that are available, or they highlight an interesting aspect of Faye. And you add a lot of comment to help us see the significance. For example, in these videos, we can see that Chang Fei is able to bring out the humor in Faye, the fun side of her. She’s so beautiful and stunning that most hosts are awed by her, which makes her uncomfortable and even less friendly and talkative. But those who can reach her fun side succeed in showing us a Faye that’s natural and bubbly, playful and humorous, full of laughter and jokes. Thanks again.

  3. Rare videos? Alright, I found another youtube video uploaded by someone:

    This is really really GEM!
    Faye performed several 1990’s old classics at Hong Kong College.
    Enjoy. =)

  4. Wow, this is very nice! That video clip (chang fei and faye @ 2004 golden) is still available here!

    Anyway, it’s no longer available in Youtube since Taiwan TV Broadcasting claimed the copyright. =(

    But I’m so surprised it’s still available in this blog! =)

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