1993 – ‘Dancing Queen’ – Faye, Sally & Sandy

Faye Wong (王菲), Sally Yeh (葉蒨文), and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) in their 1993 TVB performance of “Dancing Queen.” This has always been one of my favorite videos, but until now, the quality of those availble has been poor. This version, from Tudou, is better than any of the others I’ve seen.

[Video, below, updated 6.29.09; added to YouTube by backrow55 on 17 Sep 2006]

[Video, below, updated 6.29.09; the quality of this version is better but omits Sandy Lam]


5 Responses

  1. I like this video too, faye dances so well, a pity she doesn’t dance now.

  2. Dan, I’ve heard some people say that Faye’s not a good dancer, but I agree with you that she can do choreographed dance as well as if not better than anybody. Because she’s tall and slim with long arms and legs, her movements are smooth and sinewy, natural, athletic. I could watch her dance all day! But Faye has never been into programed or choreographed routines. She prefers to be herself, completely natural, to let the moment and circumstances dictate how she’s going to behave, move. This way, she can get into a song like no one else. I also like her dancing in CKE and in the Good Friends Concert, which is totally impromptu. Spellbinding!

  3. Once a famous dance choreographer commented about a local celebrities singer, Fann Wong that her concert surely will have dances, as she is no Faye Wong cos only Faye Wong can command the stage without any dancers, and no one can still do it yet. When I read that comment, I am so proud of Faye hehe.

  4. I also like the idea that they sing one another song. Fun fun.

  5. Wubing, that’s a good point. Faye doesn’t need a lot of dancers and choreography to entertain. She is the whole show even if she just walks out on the stage, stands still, closes her eyes, sings, and walks off the stage. And you’re right. No one else, anywhere, can command the stage, hold our attention, like Faye. In CKE, the best scenes are the ones where Faye is alone on the screen, with no dialogue, just moving with the music or sitting motionless, staring into space. In Loving Me, Loving You, there’s one scene where the camera focuses only on Faye for the longest time. And all she’s doing is walking. But this is probably the best scene in the whole movie. There’s just something special about Faye. Even when she’s in a crowd of celebrities and stars, sitting quietly and saying nothing, she is the focus of attention. And I’m at a loss to explain why she affects everyone this way. I’m sure she doesn’t have a clue, too. She’s always genuinely surprised that everyone gets so excited in her presence.

    I also find your point about their singing one another’s songs interesting. Like no other singer, she seems to bring talent together. They’re drawn to her, like planets to the sun. All the top stars want to perform with her, and she always makes everyone else look good, too. With Faye in the picture, the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

    In the end, though, I think you’re right on when you say that Faye is fun — fun to perform with and fun to watch!

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