1993 Mild Seven Music Festival Video – Rare Songs

I found the 1993 Mild Seven Music Festival video at Tudou by accident yesterday. I was browsing through the selections and stumbled onto it. All four songs below were in the one video. Three of the songs are Faye hits. The fourth is a complete mystery to me, but it’s fun to watch. This is early in Faye’s career when some criticized her for being cold, but we can already see the fun-loving part of Faye in the dance routines that make up much of the fourth video.

I’d never heard these versions of Faye’s songs before. For me, they’re new. I decided to split the four songs into separate videos, and in the process I removed two clips of the host. I also decided to rip MP3s from all four. They are listed below in reverse order, i.e., “Don’t Be Shy” is actually last in the original video. My favorite of the bunch is “Don’t Be Shy” (originally released with Softhard in 1993). But the best thing about all three of the Faye songs is that they’re different, with fresh upbeat arrangements. You’ll hear and see the difference, and I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. “Fragile Woman” and “No Regrets” rock! The rap that’s been inserted into “Fragile Woman” is really cool.

I think this video makes it very clear that Faye is best on stage when she’s loose and relaxed, just being herself and having fun. This is evident as early as 1993, when this video was shot. BTW, Faye looks hot in all four videos.

“Don’t Be Shy” live 1993

“Fragile Woman” live 1993

“No Regrets” live 1993

(1.03.2010: This version replaced the earlier version.)

Title Unknown, threesome live 1993 (Faye sings background)


2 Responses

  1. Like this music arrangement of Fragile Woman, especially the rap. This is the second live that i heard faye singing ‘don’t be shy’ with Softhard, they sang the song at the 1993 Satchi concert too. The song where faye dances with is Persian Cat, should be one of late Roman Tam’s song since they sings and dances together.

  2. Thanks again faifan. Just great

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