Deb – Faye’s 1995 Tribute to Teresa

Deb, on June 28th, 2009 said:

I used to go back to HK during my summer holidays in the 90’s, so I was privileged enough to always catch the music award shows where Faye would perform most years. I used to be obsessed with recording anything that had Faye in it, ads (i had the “Gung Yik Gum Million Walk”), music vids, shows – everything.

The tribute to Teresa was the most memorable. That year Faye had released (or was about to release) “Restless” and had become quite a recluse and didn’t appear at any award shows. It was the time when the general public thought Faye was a bit snobby and could not understand her music (except for us true fans). So NO one expected her at this award show. When she turned up to just sing the song, everyone was surprised and when she delivered such an emotional performance (who didn’t shed a tear when she turned around to sing to Teresa?!!?), it reminded everyone that Faye was an amazing artist and stunningly beautiful in a mourning gown.


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  1. I’m moved by this performance every time I see it. This version doesn’t include the long prelude, but the erhu in that really tugs at the heart strings. Faye is “an amazing artist” because, unlike so many other celebrities, she’s genuine and not just putting on a show. She doesn’t babble fake emotions. Instead, she lets her quiet actions speak for her. I admire and love her for this.

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