Rare MV – Faye’s First Track in Her First Album

This is an extremely rare MV from Faye Wong’s (王菲) first album, Shirley Wong, which was released in November 1989 when Faye was 20. It represents a lot of firsts: the first track in her first album, and her first hit! The song is “However That Day.” At the time she was known as Wang Jingwen (王靖雯). This video was added to YouTube by MrMusical1980 on 28 June 2009

(The last part of the video, from the 4:10 mark, is damaged, but the audio is fine.)


3 Responses

  1. The guy in the MV is Ekin Cheng, both of them act in the TVB Modern Love Story too with william so in 1994.

  2. That’s Ekin? He sure looks different with short hair. In MLS4, he has long hair, right? I like the episode with Faye because it captures how radically different she is from anyone else that I’ve seen. She just grabs your attention, like in CKE.

  3. I hope this is okay to post here, but I have about 100+ faye wong MVs (including a slightly better copy of this one) and I wanted to share them, so I started this download blog.

    Faye Wong MV Post:

    Granted alot of them are youtube rips, but many are DVD rips and VCD rips…. some are karaoke, some aren’t… In any case, I wanted to share the link so Faye fans can download videos, or share better quality copies than what I have. I also need faye fans’ help in determining sources for some of the ones ripped from youtube.

    There’s not much there yet but I’m still uploading. Again, I do hope this is okay to share.

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