June 2009 Photo of Faye Wanted!

anonymousI can’t believe it! It’s the last day of June, and I haven’t been able to download a single photo of Faye (that was shot in June 2009) from anywhere on the web. In the left sidebar, I’ve been featuring a Faye photo of the month every month since Faye Wong Today began in April 2008. For June 2009, I may end up posting an anonymous blank such as the one above.

Please help. If you know of a photo (or video) of Faye taken in June 2009, please send me a URL.


8 Responses

  1. Haha sis you so funny. Yeah where is FAYE FAYE ?

  2. Hi, Wubing. For all of June, it looks as though Faye fell off the face of the earth! Not a single photo of her in June. Faye, where are you?

  3. Let’s hope she’s been in a recording studio!

  4. She is busy making a surprise comeback.LoLL.

  5. anonymous and Kevin, you’re right. We have to be positive! She’s secretly recording songs for a new album AND she’s quietly planning a concert tour AND she’s signed an agreement to star in a film in 2010! LOL!

  6. I have credible sources saying that she is definitelty making a comeback musically.

  7. Maybe you can use the cover of “The True Story of Faye Wong”, since it was released in June.

  8. Zach, you’re an absolute GENIUS! Thanks!

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