Kim – Sources Say Faye Is Coming Back!

Kim, on July 4th, 2009 said:

I have credible sources saying that she is definitelty making a comeback musically.



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  1. Kim, that’s great news! All my fingers and toes are crossed! Please keep us posted on developments. Thanks!

  2. Really really really? OMG! Please let this be true!

  3. what are these credible sources then and what do they say?

  4. y.A.S.d., don’t tell anyone, but reliable sources have told me that Kim is actually Faye Wong. As Kim, Faye has been quietly dropping in on us at Faye Wong Today to make sure that we don’t spread too much misinformation. She thinks we’re doing a pretty good job of keeping her fans informed about what’s going on in her life. She says she’s been in the studio all of June, working on her new album. She’s composed and written 6 of the tracks. She won’t say anything more about the songs except that in 3 of them, she’s pushing the envelope in alternative and exciting ways. The remaining 3 are pop rock and R&B songs. The other 6 tracks are by composers and writers she’s worked with in the past — including Dou Wei and Nic. She’s also planning a 12-city tour beginning on Christmas Eve 2009 in HK. The tour will last for a year, taking her through all the major Chinese-populated cities as well as Paris, London, NY, LA, Toronto, and Brisbane. The tour will end in January 2011 in Beijing. In between concert appearances, she’ll be shooting two films for WKW. Her costar for the first will be Edison Chen. In the second, she and Takeshi Kaneshiro will be reunited in a sequel to CKE. Both will be romantic comedies, and Faye will sing in both.

    Actually, I dreamed all of this a few minutes ago when I dozed off while watching TV. It all seemed so real!

  5. lol that would be perfect


  7. Hmm…can u share a bit to us Kim?

  8. Oh man, wouldn’t that be amazing?

    I can’t wait till Faye comes back, I’ve missed her so much. Well, we all have!

  9. and my dream would be to see faye sing all her personal picks/ favourites in a small concert hall

    her best concert yet is budokan 2002

  10. Hi, Kealy. Was the concert you mentioned the one where she wore the swan outfit? If that’s the one, I really like it, too. But I’ve only seen the DVD and have never seen her live. Were you in Tokyo for the concert?

  11. Feifan,
    DVD for me only too
    I loved everything about that budokan concert – her look (avant-garde but still simple and EXTREMELY beautiful – the HK one was a bit too much for me personally), the visual effects (the lighting, basically) and most of all, her singing. she was so absorbed into the music. and i like the selection of songs.
    thanks for this excellent website, btw

  12. Hi, Kealy. I love the 2001 Budokan concert DVD, too! I wish they had a DVD for the 1999 Budokan concert, too, where she sang Dou Wei’s “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The Budokan is huge from what I understand, but because of the lighting (dark so we really don’t see the audience much) and camera angles (99% focused on Faye, onstage), the 2001 DVD seems more intimate, as though we’re in row 1, center, stage level. I feel as though I can see Faye breathe, almost feel her breathing. And she somehow seems more vulnerable. (Was this the period when she was having major problems with Nic?) And she sang the theme song from Usokoi and FF8 as well as Sinead O’Connor’s “Thank You for Hearing Me.” Thanks for mentioning this fabulous album. Now I’ll have to find some time to listen to it all over again!

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