Faye Wong – June 2009 Photos

The long drought of life without Faye Wong (王菲) photos is finally over! Recently, in Beijing, Faye and her entourage drove to a nearby shopping area and entered the Chaoyang Apple Store. Apparently, Faye and other stars visited here often because the clerks didn’t seem surprised and went about their business. Perhaps because of the economic crisis or the hot weather, the shop was quite empty. Faye was there for about a half hour, looking at mobile phones and audio players. She browsed very carefully, sometimes asking the staff questions. Finally, Faye bought an iPod MP4 player and a BOSE audio player. (Source Sohu Entertainment and YNET.com 6 July 2009)


jun09_07Click here for more photos.


5 Responses

  1. my gosh…the picture (June 09_07) shows her face and her pants are the same surface…..blame the photograher…..err……

  2. Hooray! I just read about this on Sohu and was going to tell you about it, but apparently, you got the news faster! =)

  3. Raymond, yeah, I didn’t care for that photo, too, because she’s frowning. But I still think she looks awesome, no matter what her expression or posture! WAY TO GO FAYE!

    Zach, thanks. I lucked out when I googled Faye yesterday. When I saw those photos (and later the video), I freaked out. YES!

  4. Haha….the first and second picture is good nothing to complain.

    Btw at the moment what is the latest news of her? Is she busy preparing the next album or i really doubt…..

  5. OK, there is ONE thing I have to complain about… is Faye wearing socks with sandals?!?!?!?! ahahaha, total fashion faux pas!

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