Delirium-Zer0: Faye MVs Download Blog

Delirium-Zer0Delirium-Zer0, on July 15th, 2009 said:

I hope this is okay to post here, but I have about 100+ faye wong MVs (including a slightly better copy of this one) and I wanted to share them, so I started this download blog.

Faye Wong MV Post:

Granted alot of them are youtube rips, but many are DVD rips and VCD rips…. some are karaoke, some aren’t… In any case, I wanted to share the link so Faye fans can download videos, or share better quality copies than what I have. I also need faye fans’ help in determining sources for some of the ones ripped from youtube.

There’s not much there yet but I’m still uploading. Again, I do hope this is okay to share.



4 Responses

  1. Delirium-Zer0, your Faye Wong MVs blog is a terrific idea! I’ll be dropping by often to see what you’re posting. I hope you won’t mind if I post some of them here in FWT.

  2. Not at all! The more people get to see Faye’s wonderful videos, the better! I also hope it’ll encourage trading, so if anyone comes across any rare Faye MVs, they’ll be posted too eventually!

  3. Hi, I just read on a Chinese website that Faye Wong make a comeback at the Beijing Birds’ Nest at this year’s National Day Celebration (Oct. 1st). According to the report, she will be singing a duet with Jacky Cheung! O.o I really hope this is true.

    Here is the report:

  4. Delirium-Zer0, thanks for doing this. It has been hard to get the videos partly because no MTV DVDs are in print outside of the two CD collections. Please also consider uploading TV appearances too as it would be excellent to get a good quality collection. You are doing the fans a real service – as does feifan too! Thanks again, Nick.

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