Faye’s 1999 Pepsi TV Commercials


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  1. Thank you for posting both commercials! Although I like the song “Spectacular” better, I love Faye’s glam image in the 2nd commercial better! She and Aaron Kwok were (rightly) portrayed as superstars in that CM- I thought that kinda fits the larger-than-life image that Pepsi wants to creates when they asks big stars to endorse their product! Granted, the babies part was kinda cheesy (hello, not necessary to emphasize that Faye is a mother right… although she’s a hot mother hee :P), BUT Faye in hot shorts trumps everything! She is just HAWT HAWT HAWT! hehe ;)

    Back to the song “Spectacular” – I didn’t used to like it that much when it was first released (compared to many other songs in the Only Love Strangers album), however, listening to it now again, I liked it so much better! Maybe it’s because I have heard a little bit of western trance music recently, so this song doesn’t feel as out of place anymore! Seriously, this song doesn’t sound like a 1999 song at all :)

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