Mysticaldodo – Faye and Christianity?

mysticaldodo, on July 25th, 2009 said:


I’ve always wondered about this.

Did she dabbled (can’t think of a better word…sorry :( ) with Christianity once? I recalled seeing some Christian imageries during one of her earlier HK Concert (1995)

Thanks! :)

christian[Reply by Feifan] I’ve always wondered about this, too, especially with the Christian church scenes in her I’m Willing (Wo Yuan Yi) MV. She also wore a huge cross in one of her early TV award appearances. But Faye is a very religious person, a devout Buddhist, so I don’t think the religious symbolism is that far off. The lyrics to Wo Yuan Yi may partially explain the spiritual nature of the video.

Missing thoughts is a very obscure thing
like shadow ~ taking shape of whatever
Silently and breathlessly resurface at the bottom of heart
In a blink of an eye ~ shrouded me in loneliness
I weakly fight against, especially at night
Think of you till breathless
Hate that I can’t immediately sprint towards you
Loudly tell you ~
willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing to forget my name for you
Even if just an extra second in your embrace
No regrets losing the world
I’m willing for you, I’m willing for you
I’m willing to be left at the end of the world for you
As long as you sincerely reciprocate with love
anything (i’m) willing
Anything (i’m) willing for you

si nian shi yi zhong hen xuan de dong xi
ru ying ~ shui xing
wu sheng you wu xi chu mo zai xin di
zhuan yan ~ tun mo wo zai ji mo li
wo wu li kang ju te bie shi ye li
xiang ni dao wu fa hu xi
hen bu neng li jin chao ni kuang ben qu
da sheng de kao shu ni ~
yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
wo yuan yi wei ni wang ji wo xing ming
jiu suan duo yi miao ting liu zai ni huai li
shi qu shi jie ye bu ke xi
wo yuan yi wei ni wo yuan yi wei ni
wo yuan yi wei ni bei fang zhu tian ji
zhi yao ni zhen xin na ai yu wo hui ying
shen me dou yuan yi
shen mo dou yuan yi wei ni



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  1. Can’t say whether Faye has given Jesus a go, but as for the church images in I’m Willing, technically, when one says “wo yuan yi” in chinese, it means “I do”, what you would say when you get married e.g. Do you take this man to be your husband? – “I do”. So I’ve always interpretted the MV to be reminicsent of a wedding to symbolising her love and commitment as one enters into marriage.

  2. Hey, Deb. I agree re the “I do” part, that this is about a relationship between a man and a woman. But with Faye, there always seems to be another, deeper dimension that’s more spiritual than physical. And I get the feeling that this song is almost like a prayer to one’s god, expressing complete love and devotion. (Sorta like the Buddhist songs that she sings.) But maybe, when love is truly deep, it comes very close to this spiritual level.

    Anyway, how’ve you been in your new life in Canada?

  3. The composer of the song (forget his name offhand, some Taiwanese songwriter) is a devout christian. Saw him at some event about 10 years ago in Singapore where he related the story about how the song was born (in a low period of his life etc). So I suppose the song has a sorta spiritual dimension to it, he did sing the song at the event but umm…I think FW sounded much better….

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