Dancing Queen Video – Complete

This is the full-blown Dancing  Queen (飛躍舞台) live TV performance with Faye Wong (王菲), Sally Yeh (葉蒨文), and Sandy Lam (林憶蓮), in Taiwan (台慶),  1993. It was added to YouTube by imchi001 on 17 July 2009. The video quality is excellent, but the audio is slightly out of synch. The version in the recently released “The True Story of Faye Wong” inexplicably omits Sandy.

Here are the songs:
Faye Wong (王菲) – Flow Not Fly (流非飛)
Sally Yeh (葉蒨文) – Tilt (傾斜)
Sandy Lam (林憶蓮) – No Longer Frivolous (不再兒嬉)
Faye Wong – Shock (震撼)
Sally Yeh – Possessed by the Devil (走火入魔)
Sandy Lam – Day the Earth Large (天大地大)
Faye Wong – Heart of the Sun (心裡的陽光)
Sally Yeh – Summer of Love
Sandy Lam – The Letter Itself, chorus (信自己, 合唱)


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