Yan Kiat – Faye’s Rare 1994 Videos: ‘Cold War’ and ‘I’m Willing’

Yan Kiat uploaded these two Faye Wong (王菲) videos to YouTube on 21 August 2009. In his notes, he thanks kcskywelcome1, who uploaded the originals. “I’m Willing” (Mystery, Apr. 1994) was originally in two segments, but Yan Kiat combined the two in this version. He says that this video “Is very precious, and I have never seen it before.” He says that the original “Cold War” (Hundred Thousand Whys, Sep. 1993) had disappeared from YouTube so this is a re-upload.

Update: Dan, on September 20th, 2009 said:

She also sing ‘liu fei fei’ at this event with tony leung. [Click here for this video.]

And faye also sang ‘memories’ with sandy lam and sally yeh at the beginning of this event.


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  1. Yan Kiat, thank you so much for these precious videos! Faye’s live performance of “Wo Yuan Yi” is spellbindingly beautiful. Mi was her first all-Mandarin album, and it’s one of my all-time favorites. It’s funny that she sings the 1993 Cantonese version of “Leng Zhan” instead of the Mandarin, which appears in Mi. Still, this performance of “Cold War” is breathtaking.

  2. She also sing ‘liu fei fei’ at this event with tony leung.

  3. And faye also sang ‘memories’ with sandy lam and sally yeh at the beginning of this event.

  4. Dan, thanks for the updates! I added links to the videos for “Liu Fei Fei” and “Memory.” We had an article and video on the former, but I can’t believe we didn’t have one for the latter. The audio on the YouTube video is weird so I posted a version from Tudou.

    The song with Sally and Sandy shows how different Faye’s voice is from other singers’. Sandy’s voice is very dramatic and powerful, almost operatic, but Faye’s is heartwrenchingly beautiful. I like the way Faye doesn’t go overboard, how she controls her voice to highlight the music and lyrics rather then her own voice.

  5. =D

    Perhaps that performance was in Hong Kong, that’s why she chose to sing Cantonese version of Leng Zhan.

  6. hey, sorry I know this isn’t relevant but I didn’t know how else to get in touch with feifan or post something.
    There’s a YouTube user that has some videos of Faye’s most recent concert. It looks like the one in China. The videos are pretty short, but they have a really close spot. Faye even dances a little in New Tenant (xinfangke)! There’s 6 videos. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/sujuan70

  7. Love how she sing while smiling with her eyes….gesture, everything during Wo Yuan Yi.

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