Faye and Yan at Wedding

Faye Wong (王菲) and Li Yan (李嫣) at the wedding of Wang Xue Bing (王学兵) and Sun Ning (孙宁) on 16 Oct. 2009. The event was held at Beijing’s East Third Ring Road. Yan caught the bouquet thrown by the bride.



4 Responses

  1. Wow, Faye still looks gorgeous in her 40’s and Li Yan is so cute! Thanks to her great mom! =D

  2. ditto Yan Kiat – my first reaction was also, Faye is so gorgeous! especially with that smile!! love her hair too.

    Does anyone else think that Li Yan looks more like Li Yapeng than Faye? Jingtong also looks more like Dou Wei when she was young… :/ Wassup man…

  3. Li Yan looks more like Faye Wong. Jing Tong exactly looks like Dou Wei. Hahaha… Don’t punch my face but I think Li Yan will become more beautiful than Jing Tong. xD

  4. Yan Kiat, that’s an interesting observation. Yes, Yan does look like Faye when Faye was a child. And Tong does resemble Dou Wei. But I think both have inherited Faye’s beauty. They’re both going to be tall and slender like Faye, too.

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