Faye’s Radical Approach to Fashion

Faye Wong (王菲) in a TV appearance, circa 1994, in an outfit that got everyone’s attention. Added to YouTube by zoe948 on 17 Oct 2009.


One Response

  1. This reminds me of what Faye wore to the 93 or 94 “chit chat” music awards. She performed Lau Fei Fei in a black mohair crop top, white mohair short shots (underwear-like), with a see-thru plastic spaghetti strapped dress over the top and boots. It caused quite a stir back then!! She also wore a black lace full body dress (or maybe it was a jumpsuit) to a TVB music award show, the big show they have at the end of each year. She gave me lots of fashion inspiration, though I’m sure I never pulled it off quite the same as her!

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