Raymond Chua: Rumor of $90 Million Offer

Raymond Chua, on 3 Nov 2009 said:

RM90m comeback offer for Faye
[Daily Chilli]

WILL Faye Wong make a comeback for a lucrative RM90mil?

Faye Wong has yet to respond to the speculation

Rumour has it that a China corporation had made an offer to the pop queen to return to singing and acting next year.

The company has offered Wong an astronomical fee of RMB180mil (RM90mil) for a three- to five-year contract.


However, the 40-year-old celebrity has yet to respond to the speculation.

She appears to be enjoying her role as a housewife and is concentrating in bringing up her two daughters – Dou Jingtong and Li Yan.

Jingtong, 12, was of Wong and her singer husband Dou Wei while Yan, three, is from her current marriage with actor Li Yapeng.

Wong, who is currently residing in Beijing, was seen happily shopping with her family.

Wong has taken an indefinite break from the entertainment industry since she married Li in 2005.

After giving birth to Yan, Wong has spent all her time seeking medical treatment for her daughter’s cleft lip.

She and Li had also set up the Smile Angel Foundation to help children with clefts. Although she made a public appearance at the foundation’s fund-raising event in 2006, she had opted not to speak or sing.

At the same event the next year, Wong had mentioned that she would not return to the musical scene in 2008.

Now that the first stage of Yan’s cleft lis operations has been completed, numerous movie moguls and music companies are eyeing her for a comeback.

Early this year, Wong had done a shampoo advertisement for RMB20mil (RM10mil).

Her manager Chan Ka-ying said Wong would return when she has rested enough.


3 Responses

  1. i know i like her not simply for her beauty or youth so dear faye, come back anytime!

  2. This rumor doesn’t sound believable at all, I think… In any case, Faye hasn’t even completed her contract with Sony – she’s supposed to record two albums with Sony… I don’t understand how come Sony would let her off like this for so many years…

  3. Something must have happened with Sony and maybe even EMI as nearly all albums and DVDs are not in print. I have a feeling that as fans we do not know really anything about the reality of the situation (and maybe we are in the same position as the record companies!). I miss Faye very much and want some good news but suspect that this is not as good as it looks.

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